Round Table Theatre - We Are Back! And proud to present, after an absence of 2 years, Houtstok 2021!

Why Round Table Theatre - Videos

Honouring Nick Prinsloo 12:30
Supporting the Prinsloo family after losing Nick, aged 16, to cancer.
Stand against rape & violence 14:31
Round Table joins the Good Morning Angels in supporting rape survivor Leilani's Long Walk to overcome, empower, support and inspire
Vaughn's insulin pump 06:41
Good Morning Angels: Diabetic 13-year-old needs a new life saving insulin pump
Tragic loss of life 07:29
Good Morning Angels: Help for Centurion grandmother who lost husband, daughter and granddaughter in fire
Show Photos
Many incredible memories on stage throughout the years. Check out some crazy photos below.

What to expect and some general information regarding Round Table Theatre 2020.

Show Dates & Pricing

Virtual Show Saturday night live on October 31st. The show will be at no cost, so grab your popcorn & be prepared to get a blast from the past.

The Venue

In the comfort of your own home.


The theme for this year's show is "Days of Future Past". To protect the safety of our patrons, we have prepared a digital online show, making sure we have an unlimited amount of viewers available to access the show. We will show you the best of Round Table Theatre's past to save the future of Round Table Theatre.